• Health Analytics--assistance with population health management initiatives

  • Health Economics--cost-effectiveness analyses and outcomes research

  • Program Evaluation--supporting quality improvement initiatives

  • Market Strategy--analytic  profiling of strategic alternatives

  • Health Informatics--assessing benefits realization

  • Seminar/Training Programs--teaching quantitative methods and use of statistical software


Dr. Lee has worked in healthcare for 35+ years and has a valuable mix of experience in academia, government, private industry, management consulting, and health services research.  He has a doctorate in economics from the University of Wisconsin and has published extensively in the peer-reviewed literature.

Dr. Lee is an independent consultant who works without staff or associates.  After a long career, he does not aspire to build a company.  He is looking for interesting, time-limited consulting assigments that leverage his experience and expertise to strengthen a client's analytic and strategic capabilities.  He is available to work on a per-diem, contract or fixed price basis.

A. James Lee, PhD
Healthcare Economist


Providing economic and analytic services to health-related  and other organizations, leveraging the client's own personnel and data resources.